Mission Statement:


Forest Street Compassionate Care Center is dedicated to the provision of quality health care and living accommodations for its residents, and to accomplishing its mission by:


•  Responding to the needs of residents, healthy and ill.

•  Providing excellent care through multiple levels of service in selected locations.

•  Providing an environment that enhances each resident's awareness of his or her medical condition, treatment and prognosis, dignity, security, comfort, and peace of mind.

•  Ensuring the services are provided and that the facility is maintained in a fiscally responsible manner.

•  Providing through people, facilities, and programs, a balance between security and independence for residents, which assist in achieving and maintaining the residents' highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well being, in accordance with residents' comprehensive assessment and plan of care.




We believe that the foundation of Long Term Care is to serve our clients through a progressive nursing approach in a home-like setting, with the emphasis on individualized care.  We believe that the use of chemical and/or physical restraints in the provision of this care is contrary to the clients needs for autonomy.    We believe that the concern and creativity of the Forest Street Compassionate Care Center staff can be utilized to develop unique interventions that will address each person's own specific problems without impairing their freedom of movement.  We accept the responsibility to provide a therapeutic environment, comfortable and safe, and are confident that this philosophy of "sheltered freedom" will allow us to achieve the least-restrictive environment possible for all of our residents.


Forest Street Compassionate Care Center


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